Thursday, May 22, 2008

Invitations Galore

Well I have been busy, with the help of my sister, making invitations. We are hosting a BBQ for my dad who turns 60 today- Happy Birthday Dad. We made just over 60 of these. It took a very long time due to all the pieces. We like how they turned out and we have been getting good feedback.

I used the Crab & Company set. You'd have to know my dad to understand why this is so appropriate. First we created the pocket and embellished it. The crab has slits in it's claws to hold up the sign. Then we created the two tags and embellished them for inside the pocket. All in all it went well and we are sooooo tired of making scallops. Why oh why couldn't SU release the scallop border punch now rather than waiting until August. I am really looking forward to it. *Sorry about the blackouts. Have to be careful on the net you know.


Sarah said...

This invitation is adorable. I really need to get that Crab & Co set before they retire it!

inkydiva cards said...

I love your invites! What a great way to use this set. :)

daiseyfreak said...

this is so cute, your work is great!

Nancy said...

This invitation you made for your father's 60th is great! You did a fantastic job.
Thanks for the "slip" about the new border will be on my list of must haves.