Monday, March 17, 2008

The Switch

For Christmas I asked a new laptop. To my surprise my hubby actually got me one. The one kink.. It's a Mac. I haven't used a Mac since high school. So, I have embarked on the adventure of learning something new. I started this blog in December in hopes of posting my stamp camp samples etc. That is still my goal, it is just taking me longer to do because I am trying to do it with my Mac. I seem to run into a road block at every turn. Right now I am waiting to get Photoshop so I can post more pictures. SU has strict policies about copyrighting photos on the web. I was doing a good job with my PC, but can't do it with my Mac until I get my Photoshop. So in the meantime- All images appearing in my photos are copyrighted by Stampin' Up! I will be updating them with the copyright as soon as I can add the pesky little watermark. So, for those of you waiting to see what we did at stamp camp yesterday, keep checking back. I will get them posted in good soon.

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