Monday, November 24, 2008

What to Do???

What on earth does one do when their daughter who loves pink gets all blue ski equipment???

Chapter 1
My daughter lives in a pink world, nothing is quite right with her unless everything is pink. It's pretty crazy, but she's 3 so we all know the world revolves around her right? Well we had to outfit all three kids with ski equipment this year. Luckily we had a set from her older sister. However the skis were ...... grey and blue. Not a problem, until big sister came home with new "pink" skis that daddy got her. So little sister, who lives in a pink world, completely rejected the blue skis- b/c now she knows they come in pink.
Chapter 2
The next day we went to the local ski swap to fill in the gaps of equipment. We needed to get a helmet for our little pink girl. Well, being 3 it's hard to find helmets small enough without spending $80. We found.....1 and it's.....Blue. Arghhhh Well at least it matches the skis she hates. Literally the same tone of blue, a perfect match.
Chapter 3
Mom to the rescue. Thank goodness for SU!!! I went to my craft room and pulled out some Pink Flower Decor Elements and we customized her helmet and skis. She was so excited. Now her equipment matches and in her world they are "PINK". She now sees right past the blue and grey. You never know when ones crafting stuff can save the day.

Here are pictures of the newly customized skis and helmet.

Unfortunately at this time these particular Decor' Elements flowers are only available to demonstrators. We can get them in bulk to demo at workshops and what not.


Laura Brown said...

OMGsh! How talented are you? I love it!!

By the way I've awarded you the Kreativ Blogger Award. Info on passing it on is at my site.


Carmen said...

Woohoo great idea and saved the day!! How creative!!

Helen said...

Hurrah for craft supplies!

Jackie said...

This is truly cute and truly a wonderful rescue. I know about the pink, I think you did excellent.

Beedubya said...

Da da dahhh!! SU! to the rescuuuuuue! Fantastic, Jennifer!

Hope said...

Great save!! :) The flowers look great on the helmet.

I know all about the "pink world" I never knew about it until 4 years ago. ;)

Carol Matthews said...

What a beauty - and I don't mean the helmet although it's cute and a great idea. Beautiful child!

Connie said...

Hey, pink is a very nice color :-) I love pink, and agree with your daugther. That, by the way, is soooo cute!

Just wanted to say that I soooo appriciate you coming all the way to Bellevue to deliver my order! That's what you call gooooooood service!!!! All the stuff, including my self, is well back in Norway :-)

Thanks, again! You rock! And, hope it's ok that I add your blog to my bloglist! You are making GREAT stuff!!!!

Hugs from Oslo
Connie - the crasy norwegian one :-)

Adriana said...

You are brilliant! Way to save the day. =) Your little one looks so much like you! She's beautiful.