Thursday, July 31, 2008


There have been a few announcements recently and some today at convention. I will be sending out my monthly newsletter to customers including more details next week. In the meantime here are some highlights with some pictures to follow.

**New Decor Elements are coming this fall. I got a sneak peek today and they are SO CUTE!!! They will be available in SU colors, new images including some for the holidays, and there will be several 2-Step items.

** All the stamp sets that are new to the catalog will be die-cut and starting with the next catalog in January ALL stamp sets will be diecut.

** Shelli Gardner- The co-founder and CEO of SU will be hosting a blog starting August 4th. It will include her thoughts, product talk, contests etc. It will be at

** Shelli is also releasing a including but not limited to stamps, accessories, home decor, etc. We were able to purchase an apron from the Designs by Shelli line of products. The items in this line will be things she really likes and or helped to design. I am really interested to see what she is going to put her name on. Coming this fall.

** In partnership with Country Living Magazine, Stampin' Up! is going to have a 21 page layout in the December Holiday issue. There will some bundle of products used and available for purchase.
** August 11-Sept 30th SU will be offering an assortment of the new stamp sets at a 15% discount. Here is a list of the sets that will be on sale with their sale prices. I know most of you don't have catalogs yet, but when you do check these out!!
Snow Swirled $21.21
It's a Stretch $20.36
Putt Putt $21.21
Eastern Blooms $18.36
Pocket Silhouettes $16.11
Upsy Daisy $16.11
Under the Stars $25.46
Heard from the Heart $19.41
Contempo Alpha $34.81
Felicidades Siempre $15.26
This flyer is the Canadian Flyer- US Disregard Prices

** For Demos Only- New Bulk Buy Items: Vanilla Hodgepodge Hardware label holders, Chipboard Frames and Rub-On Set. Can order on Demo order Aug. 11.

** 6 Month's Worth of Specials Announced

Listed on back of New Catalog Sampler (Replacement for preview catalog of the past) the following specials are listed:

Aug 11-Oct 11- Additional Free set with Starter Kit purchase
Oct 1-Nov 30- Host a $350 Workshop and earn a free set from the sampler catalog
Dec 1-Jan 18- When you spend $20 you'll receive 20% off any stamp set in the catalog sampler.

There will be other specials in addition to these i.e. the New Stamps sets on sale listed above.

Here are some sneak peek pictures of Phase 2 of the Decor' Elements Line
Here's a cute cupcake they had on the tables for us at lunch. The medallion is chocolate.

Here is a picture of the screen when I went on stage to be recognized for my 100K Sales Milestone Award. I hate being on stage, but for some reason felt the need to go up there since it was my goal this year. I practically ran off of stage, so I didn't give the gals enough time to get a better picture. That's OK.


Eileen said...

Your's are the best ideas for home decoration.

Momsnack said...

You listed 15% off on certain sets 8/11 - 9/30 - I couldn't find that on the SU demo site - can you direct me??
NancyS (momsnack)

Jennifer Murai said...

The 15% Off sets were announced at convention. I just checked the SU Demo site and they just posted it under the Promotions section. It will likely be on the customer side of the site on Aug 11. HTH

Tegan said...

haha-yeah i hate being on stage too. the adrenaline rush is more of a rush of immediate sickness LOL.
wow! 100K thats fantastic :)