Friday, June 26, 2009

New Catalogs Are Here!!

I have received my first shipment of catalogs. If you would like a copy please email or call me. They are $5 if you pick one up or I can ship one to you via Priority Mail for $10. I can fit 2 catalogs in a Flat Rate Envelope so if you have a friend nearby you can ship together if you'd like. Contact me ASAP as I only have a few that haven't been reserved. I won't be getting another shipment until late July or a week after I run out, whichever is sooner.

In response to the Question- I have been trying to find a date that will work. I am thinking I may be able to squeeze an open house in August 1st. My newsletter is in the works, it should be out shortly will have a final date for you. Thanks for the question Ami.

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elderscrapper said...

Jennifer, When will you be doing a show or a make n take for those of us who aren't in one of your groups. I would love to see some of the new things. Ami Pilon