Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Valentines

I know I am Here are the Valentines I made for my oldest daughter. They are sucker covers and each one has a Tootsie Pop inside. I bought these sets a long time ago, probably pre-kids. They have long since retired, but I held onto them just in case someday I had kids. I had grand plans to make the Valentines for all three kids, but 60 turned into too many. So Allison gets to take these and the twins got to take store bought ones..... I know.... gasp. Anyway, I kept these simple The backs had a Happy Valentine's Greeting an space for the To/From as all kids Valentines had. I am glad I saved these sets. I will be using them again someday.

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!!!


Laura Brown said...

These are great! I'm sure it was tough making so many!! I'm glad my kiddos are out of school. ;)

Traci G said...

Jennifer!! These are SOOOO Cute!! I bet the kids are gonna love them!! What a wonderful and special little treat!!!